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2008 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, 4x4, 5.7L Hemi, Has Safety and Warranty $10,450

5.7L Hemi, 08 Dodge Ram. Low Mileage, SLT, Has safety and warranty $10,450. Many Financing options available.
167,631 KM 4X4

2005 Chevrolet Avalanche LT, 4X4, 5.3L, Heated Leather Seats, Power Sunroof, DVD, Safety and Warranty $8,950

4X4 Avalanche with 5.3L, Full load with Sunroof, Heated Leather, DVD, Has Safety and Warranty $8,950. Many Financing options Available.
201,931 KM 4X4

2006 Ford F-150 Lariat 4X4, Headed Seat, Power Sunroof, Has Safety and Warranty $9,450

Lariat 4X4, Heated Leather, Sunroof, Fully loaded with safety and warranty $9,450. Many Financing options available.
212,601 KM 4X4

2010 Dodge Dakota ST, 4X4, Extended Cab, Has Safety and Warranty $9,950

Extended 4X4 Dodge Dakota 3.7L 6 Cylinder Truck $9,950. Has Safety and Warranty. Many Financing options available.
125,689 KM 4X4