Sell Vehicle

Sell a Vehicle

Do you no longer want your vehicle? Do you want to avoid the time of having to post and sell your vehicle on your own? Boyce Auto Sales and Financing might be able to help! Fill out the information below and someone from Boyce Auto Sales will call you to see if they are interested in making an offer and moving forward.

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Rough: Vehicle is not in good shape, body has either rust or multiple dents and scratches on multiple panels. Interior is dirty and has stains or rips, vehicle is in need of repair and running rough.
Good: Vehicle has scratches or dents on the outside but not excessive, vehicle has no visible rust, interior is dirty but can easily be cleaned. Car runs nice and has no major mechanical issues that you are aware of other then what might be required to safety it.
Very Good: Exterior of car is clean and basically free of any flaws, interior is stain free and other then a quick vacuum and wipe down is clean. Car runs and drives with no issues and no noises are present when driving, Tires are not new but do not need to be replaced. Glass has no cracks.
Mint: There is absolutely no body flaws, scratches, or dents on the exterior of the vehicle. Interior is detailed and show room ready. Car runs and drives without flaw. Vehicle comes with a valid safety and all options inside and out work. Service records and Carproof are available with vehicle by customer.